4 Ways to Clear Your House Before a Big Move

Moving day is around the corner, and while there is an avalanche of emotions (excitement, fear, sadness, joy, etc.) to get through, there is probably an avalanche of things to sort out as well!


So, where do you begin when it comes to clearing your house and packing up before a move? Start early, so you have time to prepare, go through things, and fully Here’s a guide to help you make it easier, more efficient, and way less overwhelming:

1.     Go room by room following a method

You should start with one room at a time when you’re cleaning for a move. This will help you stay focused, not get overwhelmed, and keep your eye on the prize: i.e., cleaning everything up.


Start with the most overwhelming room first, whether that’s a closet, storeroom, garage, or bedroom, and work your way around. It helps to know you’re going sequentially.


2.     Sort out all your necessities beforehand

Make a list of all the items you absolutely will need, whether that’s a few appliances, medications, tools, and other things that you’ll need in your new home right away. This box or bin shouldn’t be filled with everything, but just the things you’ll need from the first day, and can be added to even on moving day.

A person buried under a pile of boxes, tired during their packing and moving.

3.     Trash everything that’s expired or gone bad

There’s no question about this. All your expired medication? Either trash it or donate it to programs that accept it. You can do the same with different canned foods and beverages, so they don’t go to complete waste.


Otherwise, toss out everything from night creams to snacks that are past their expiration date, and you’ll never really use them again. You haven’t so far—so why hold onto them?


Then move onto packing and storing things that are still good to go and will be even well after your move. If you don’t get time to use them after your shift, give them away too.


4.     Choose items that you’ll sell, donate, or giveaway

This is the biggest tip to hold onto. You need to divide everything into four piles: keep, donate, sell, or throw.


This means you have to have some honest conversations with yourself and decide what you’re going to do with everything from clothes and shoes to furniture and appliances. Are they past the point of repair and use? Toss them (responsibly). Are you just bored of the way it looks? Sell it! Think your friend will look super cute in that top? Give it to them. Know a charity or person that will benefit from your belongings? Donate it!


When you’ve sorted through everything, and you’ve decided what you’re keeping and what you’re getting rid of, move onto the next phase, which is selling your items online.


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