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Virtual Yard Sale or Traditional Yard Sale: What’s Better?

With the latest smartphones and internet at our disposal, everything is within reach. And yard sales are no different; it’s now possible to hold yard sales from your phone with the added benefits of convenience, secured payments, and fair pricing.   However, many people still prefer traditional yard sales – they like to hunt down […]

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Used Kitchen Appliances You Can Sell for a Good Price

It’s almost time for the garage sale season. To get your home in order, you may want to consider what types of appliances you should sell to make room for new, useful things. If you’re still stuck on what to put up on the block, here are some kitchen appliances that can get you a […]

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Items You Can Sell in Your Next Yard Sale

A yard sale can help you make some quick money. But it all depends on what you’re selling! If you want to make the most of your next yard sale, make sure you advertise beforehand and spend a good time choosing the goods that sell quickly for a good price. We’ve compiled a list of […]

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How to Negotiate Price in A Yard Sale

On the surface, yard sales might not seem all that exciting. But if you’re willing to put in just a little effort, there are some pretty great deals waiting for you at these events. All you need to do is learn a few negotiation tips that give you an edge in bargaining. Here are some […]

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Why Should You Consider Buying from An Online Yard Sale?

Buying from an online yard sale is not only a great way to score some much-needed household goods, but it can also be a fun and interesting experience. Many sellers put all their items up for bids at once or place low prices on many of their belongings just to get rid of them. Read […]

Yard Sale – Tips For Sellers

Having a yard sale is the perfect way to make some extra cash from the interesting things you find during your latest decluttering spree. Here’s a few tips you must keep in mind:

A yard sale with multiple items being sold.

A Guide to What Not to Sell at A Yard Sale

A major drawback of having a garage sale is that not everything sells. It’s better not to waste your time setting things up that you’re aware no one’s going to buy. You can just throw them away or donate them to reduce clutter in your house. Here’s a list of items that won’t sell in […]

How To Thrift Shop For Clothes In 2021

Looking for new clothes and want to thrift shop for clothes? Here is a guide to help you thrift shop for clothes:

A minimalistic household.

In Defense of Minimalism: A Response to Common Criticisms

Minimalism is all about living a simple life. Imagine returning from home after a super-tiring day at work only to be welcomed by the sight of a messy and cluttered home. We know that’s not the ideal situation to be in. On the other hand, a clean home without clutter brings peace to your life. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering and Organizing Your Home

Look around. Do you see huge piles of clothes tossed all over the floor or an overloaded laundry basket at the corner of your room? Or do you trip over the piles of shoes every time you enter your home and can’t find a spot to sit in the living room because of all the […]

How To Clear Your House Before A Big Move

If moving day is around the corner, there must be an avalanche of emotions to get through, as well as an avalanche of things to sort out as well! Here’s a guide to help you make it easier and way less overwhelming:

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How to Sell Used Clothes, Sustainably!

The global fashion industry consumes a significant amount of energy during the production, manufacturing, and transportation of garments, this energy consumption leads to excessive generation of greenhouse gases which eventually casts a negative impact on our environment. Because of the current economic recessions and the increasing environmental issues worldwide, sustainability has become a primary concern […]