How to Sell Used Clothes, Sustainably!

The global fashion industry consumes a significant amount of energy during the production, manufacturing, and transportation of garments, this energy consumption leads to excessive generation of greenhouse gases which eventually casts a negative impact on our environment.

Because of the current economic recessions and the increasing environmental issues worldwide, sustainability has become a primary concern of most buyers in the US. Contrary to popular belief, sustainability isn’t just about environmental protection. The concept of sustainability stands on three pillars, namely, environmental safety, social development, and economic development.

These three areas are highly interlinked. Since the industrial revolution began, the pace of economic growth accelerated at a drastic pace but at the same time the environmental pollution increased exponentially and global warming reached its peak. To combat the situation, businesses need to adopt modern strategies to uplift the economy without compromising environmental safety or draining the earth’s natural resources.

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Tips for Selling Clothes in A Virtual Sale

If you want to protect the environment, put sustainability into practice by selling your used clothes. The amount of clothing thrown away annually in the US has surged from 7 million to 14 million tons in the past 20 years. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 17 million tons of clothing ended up in landfills in 2018, which made up almost 5.8% of the overall MSW generation that year. Textile decomposition in landfills takes up almost 200 years to recycle.

Trends and Price range

The first thing you need to do before selling is research. Find out the trends and what type of clothing people in your neighborhood prefer to purchase online. If you’ve sold a clothing item recently check out its price range and material, and price your current clothes accordingly. You can also upcycle or recycle your clothes if they’re not in a good state.Also, try to sell seasonal clothing and place them at the top of your collection, so the people looking for trendy and seasonal pieces may find them easily.

Economic Rates

If you’ll set high prices for the used clothing, most people won’t even check them and move forward. Always remember, sustainability highly depends on the economic stability of a country. Sustainability means, you care for the economy. Try to keep your prices economical and affordable.


To build your credibility and earn the trust of online shoppers, make sure you’re not deceiving them in any possible way. Don’t try to show your clothes in a completely newer light. Give all the details to your clients, including the tiny defects.

Be responsive

Want to become a five-star seller? The best way to earn instant growth on a social platform is to be highly responsive. A small mistake on your part may result in the loss of a potential sale. Promptly reply to the customers’ queries and inform them if you’re planning any delays.

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Which App is the best to sell clothes?

According to stats, only 15% of the consumer used clothing is recycled. However, many people throw their clothes away because they can’t find a cost effective-platform to sell their used clothes. You can tackle this issue by selling your old clothes in an online virtual garage mobile application.

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