5 Best Negotiations Tips for Virtual Garage Sales

We all love to bag a good deal, don’t we? Yard sales are an excellent way to use your negotiation skills to work and get a great item at a low price. If you’re new to negotiations, take note as we outline 5 kick-ass negotiation tips so that you can get great stuff without breaking your bank.

Bring Change

When you’re making an offer, make sure that you have the exact cash amount in your hand. If you’re bargaining for a $10 lamp and you’re holding out a $20 bill, no one will settle for the $10 offer as they know that you’ve got more money to spend. Therefore, while making the deal, have the $10 bill in hand so that it entices the seller for easy cash.

Ask for Bulk Discount

If you’re looking at the stuff and want to buy two chairs, one lamp, five books, some clothes, and toys, you should ask for a bulk discount. Negotiating the prices for each item will take a lot of time and will frustrate the seller in the process. Moreover, the bulk discount will help you snag a good deal that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

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Gently Talk About the Flaws

This is an effective tip, but you need to be gentle about it. Avoid insulting the seller by overtly criticizing the item. For instance, if the dress needs new knobs and a coat of paint, you should gently request a discount as you’ll be spending money to fix and repair it.

Go Late in the Day

While the early bird gets the worm, the latecomer gets them a better deal. You choose! When you go late, you may miss out on a lamp that would’ve looked amazing in your bedroom, but you’ll be able to snag a great discount on the rug that’ll match your recliner in the living room. When it’s late, the seller wants to wind up, can mark down the prices, and willing to negotiate more.

Be Reasonable

If an item is for $10, asking for a $5 price will insult the seller. Therefore, you should quote a price that is 20% less than the actual price. For instance. For a $10 item, you can ask for $8 and there’s a possibility that the buyer will accept your offer.

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