Is Your Product Worth Selling?

Has your item been catching dust on the shelf or the yard at a sale, still unable to trade hands? Have you brought down its price yet no one wants to take it home? Often, the question is whether the product itself is worth buying and for you to be selling. There could be various reasons that make your product not worth selling. Here are some of them:

Demand for The Item

Understanding product demand can be fairly obvious and tedious depending on the object and other conditions. A heater during the winter will have a lot of demand from the public, but a pile of comic books may not intrigue senior citizens. Electronic items are generally well in-demand throughout the year, with phones, computers, TVs being a major hit. Make sure you market the right item to the right audience.

Cosmetic Defects

Any cosmetic defects to your items are certainly going to bring down their value. While you won’t get the MSRP value for a product unless it’s brand new or a luxury/limited edition piece, cosmetic defects or any other wear and tear to the item can affect its price. In some cases, people might not even consider buying an item if it’s in too rough shape. That old sofa that your cat likes to use as a scratch post could be losing its class with every claw print on it.

Person checking out garage sale items.

Functional Defects

Determining a product’s value with functional defects can be tricky. Suppose a product only has one function and it does not do it to the best of its potential. While it could be considered faulty, there’s a chance that someone could take it as their usage may not be as sophisticated, or they might prefer buying it cheap to repair it later on.

In some cases, a product might not be working at all, but its other core functionalities could be perfect. You could still grab a good chunk of change for such a product. It’s more about the needs and wants of the customer and fairly subjective at times.

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