Sustainable Living for the Global Citizen: 4 Ways

The global population seems to grow in environmental consciousness more and more with time. This is in part because of the realization that we are all connected and dependent on each other as a global community. The world as a global village has to maintain unanimous progress in terms of environmental progress. The failure to do so can have a catastrophic impact on earth’s limited resources. Here are a few ways you can play your role as a global citizen to protect our planet from further destruction.

1. Renewable Energy Sources

The extraction and usage of fossil fuels are the biggest culprits behind global warming. By switching to renewable energy sources such as solar and electric energy can make a significantly positive impact on the earth’s climate. Limiting your current energy usage is also very important. Try to use as much electricity as you absolutely need. Keep your electrical and other appliances off to make our planet’s energy reservoir last longer.

2. Reduce Meat Consumption

Raising cattle and other meat sources such as poultry and pork is slowly destroying the earth’s air as well as land resources. Millions of acres of forestation have been cut down for meat production of different kinds. Limiting your meat intake can play a significant role in reducing your carbon footprint and bring our global community closer to sustainment.

Miniature Planet Earth

3. Reuse and Recycle

Continuous manufacture of daily use items is one of the main sources of many forms of pollution. Our country is globally known for its wasteful ways in terms of the overproduction of items of every kind. From clothing to furniture to other personal use items, everything is being mass-produced at the cost of our planet’s sustainability. Find nearby garage sales in your neighborhood and purchase the items you would otherwise buy new. Opting for online marketplaces to buy and sell used items can reduce this ongoing trend of mass production and help the planet recover.

4. Do not hoard

Hoarding of excess items and resources is a serious problem that negatively impacts environmental sustainability. Instead of keeping the items you no longer need, sell them at an online garage sale platform. This will help you keep a better check on your belongings and prevent you from hoarding more resources than you require.
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