The Lifecycle of Your Closet: When Do You Declutter and Remove Things?

We’re all guilty of holding on to things well past their lifespan. That t-shirt you’ve had since college, or those sweatpants that have more holes in them than swiss cheese, or that pair of underpants that are so worn in they could be as old as your grandma.

But it’s important to know how long some of the items in your closet really last and when it’s time to declutter, sell, donate, and replace them. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide when to get rid of these things:

Shirts shouldn’t be kept longer than 3-4 years at most

This isn’t a fixed standard, but typically, you should replace your shirts every few months to a few years, depending on how frequently you wear them. The more you wear them, the likelier they are to see wear and tear. If they’re still in decent condition, but you’re bored of them, consider donating or selling them. You can even mend them in fun ways to keep them from going to waste before you sell them.


Replace jeans every 5-10 years if your size is consistent

Jeans are almost indestructible, which is why they’re such an incredible investment to make. They can last you for several years (think 5-10) with proper care and maintenance and don’t need to be replaced very often unless they’re seriously damaged, or your size has changed significantly.


A woman piles various jeans and other clothing articles as part of her closet decluttering.

Toss out Bras and underwear when they’re worn out

Bras and underwear are designed to give you the maximum wear and use, but often, we get rid of them too soon—or hold onto them for far too long. They should give you maximum wear but not be used to the point of no return. If you notice holes, stains that won’t go, fraying, and other signs of damage, it’s time to say goodbye.


Some clothing items last you for a pretty long time

Clothes that you don’t frequently wear in your daily life, such as fancier skirts, blouses, dress shirts, etc., can also last you for years on end, but truth be told, it’s easy to get bored of them too! You don’t want to hold onto things that no longer make you feel good, feel confident, or seem relevant. That’s why we recommend that you consider selling them online, so they find a loving new home!


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