Top Tips to Make Your Garage Sale a Success

Garage sales are a craze that has been around for years.

They’re an easy way to make money, get rid of unwanted items in your home, and have fun with your family while doing it!

The only downside is the time commitment involved. You have to put up signs, price things, advertise on social media…. The list goes on and on.

We’ve compiled some tips below so you can maximize your garage sale profits without pulling your hair out in the process!

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#1 –Price Everything Beforehand

If the price isn’t marked down, no one will know what a great deal they can get! Make sure to check the prices against similar items online or from another garage sale, so you don’t undersell yourself.

#2 –Let Everyone Know

Make sure family and friends know about the garage sale — If it’s a surprise, chances are they won’t come.

Make signs and post them around, send out invitations (and remind people of them), and create a Facebook event for everyone to RSVP to.

#3 –Organize Everything

If you have too much junk or if it’s disorganized, no one will feel motivated enough to look at anything.

Create an inviting environment by having all your items organized together in locations that are labeled well. This makes browsing easier for buyers, which means they’ll be more inclined to purchase them.

#4 –Pick an Accessible Location

Some people will set up a large tent with tables, and inside the tent, they will have the items for sale. Some people will also rent a vacant store.

To make your garage sale a success, you want the location accessible. Find a place where people can easily find you and park their cars in a safe space.

#5 – Be Prepared

Whether it’s for spontaneous change in weather conditions or keeping a few extra bills in hand for customers who don’t have the exact change, small things amount to a lot.

Have a trashcan so customers can throw unwanted stuff, keep some water handy for when it gets really hot.

Plan and prepare well in advance.

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