Why Yard Sales Are the Way to Go In the COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Yard sales are a simple solution for removing clutter from your house. Not only do you rid your house of everything you don’t need, but you also make some cash in the process. Garage sales can be a wonderful place to find treasures that some may have been unable to afford otherwise.

The lockdown forced people inside their houses. The time spent inside their houses forced people to find other ways to pass their time. Clearing their house of unnecessary possessions was one way for others to score a great deal and find some joy in their otherwise cooped-up daily routines.

Why Should You Hold A Yard Sale?

1.      Make Some Extra Cash

The biggest benefit that you can get out of a yard sale, is that you get to make some extra cash. Selling items that you or your family no longer uses is a smart way to earn some money. Your possessions don’t end up in a landfill but rather get used by other members of your community.

Yard sales generally have items that sell for a very small amount. So, while you may not earn thousands of dollars by the end of the sale, your furniture and electronic devices could still fetch you a decent amount. The money you make from the yard sale may be able to help you buy another item you may be saving up for.

2.      Moving To a New Location

The COVID-19 pandemic cost us all in many ways. A lot of people lost their jobs and were forced to make drastic changes and move out of their homes. However, it is not easy to travel with all your possessions if you are changing houses.

Yard sales can help you sell your items instead of discarding them or leaving them behind. The lesser you own, the lesser the load that the moving company will have to move. As you pack up you will find loads of things that you no longer require or use in your new house. And even if you do still use some items, selling used furniture or clothing can fetch you a good price that could help you buy new things.

packed boxes

3.      Sustainable Solution

Human beings are the sole cause of all the garbage in the world. The more we buy, the more there is to discard. These discarded items fill up the dumps which are getting increasingly harder to empty.

A yard sale allows people to buy items that they need, instead of buying them from a store. This helps the environment as the items are reused, and don’t end up in the landfill. You are recycling your belongings and helping the environment.

For some people, browsing for deals through a yard sale can be a bit of a hobby. Some are looking to buy unique items they can find for a fraction of the original price. So, don’t think of your stuff like garbage, and place a price label for everything you no longer want. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

4.      Mingling with Others

COVID-19 forced us all inside our houses and prevented us from even meeting our family members. The pandemic ravaged the world and many of us were completely isolated from our friends. A yard sale can encourage you to meet others in your neighborhood. Introduce yourself to those who arrive with a smile and let them know they are welcomed.

A yard sale can force you to speak to people you may have never spoken to before. The outdoors can influence everyone’s mood, and did we mention that everyone loves a great deal? The fact of the matter is that you can start a conversation with your neighbors and build relationships you may not have had before. There’s no telling who you may meet.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Holding a Yard Sale

Many of us have been vaccinated and things seem to be going back to normal. However, only 54.7% of the population in the US has been fully vaccinated. Almost half of the country is still waiting to receive the vaccine and is therefore still vulnerable to the coronavirus. We need to continue following COVID-19 protocols to ensure that those who visit your yard sales are safe because you have taken the necessary precautions.

  • While you can be infected with the virus outdoors, the chances are reduced significantly. Make sure that you place instructions regarding social distancing within your yard and that it doesn’t get too crowded. Use chalk or markers to mark safe distances between buyers. You are responsible for enforcing the rules when others are on your property.
  • Wear masks and ask others to keep their own the entire time. Masks are known to reduce the transfer of the virus. Remember, the vaccine only prevents the severity of the COVID-19 symptoms, so you can still be infected.
  • Place hand sanitizers around the garage or yard for your neighbors to use. If possible, set up contactless payment options to avoid exchanging cash.
  • Wipe down surfaces with disinfectants regularly for the entire duration of the yard sale to keep the surfaces clean for other buyers.
  • Request your buyers to avoid touching items or place signs with the request.
  • And don’t let anyone inside your home. The yard or garage is a safe and ventilated area, which is where your buyers should remain.
  • Set up your account on an online virtual garage mobile application where you can sell your items to limit your interactions with others.

A social distancing notice

Guidelines if You Are Visiting a Yard Sale

  • Shop for items online on a virtual garage sales app that can show you the best deals in your neighborhood. Limit your contact with people to keep them safe, as it can help in limiting the spread of the virus.
  • Don’t visit yard sales with your entire family. Limit your trips to just yourself or one other family member to prevent crowding in public spaces.
  • If COVID-19 is still prevalent in your area, avoid visiting a yard sale.
  • Practice social distancing and wear a mask at all times to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Wash your hands regularly. If you are outdoors sanitize your hands to kill germs.
  • Avoid entering other people’s homes and remain outdoors.
  • Disinfect the boxes or bags that you bring back home and discard them after use.

A person using sanitizer

Following these guidelines will help you stay safe from any virus. Download the Yard Sale App from Google Play or the App Store, to help you sell and buy items online. The online yard garage app allows you to advertise your products online and limits interaction in these uncertain times. Just register your account and start scrolling to find the best deals today.